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PE_iStock_000000810607XSmallIf your parcel is bound for Port Elizabeth then PCG is front and centre.

The control HQ’s are actually taken care of by Joburg and Cape Town, because two Heads (quarters) are better than one, but never fear because whether Cecile or Glory takes care of you from Joburg or the Cape Town agents Tilley, Jill or Liesel – they’re going to stick with you and your package till it’s safely delivered.

We have local drivers transporting your precious cargo, these guys are true locals who don’t get confused by parcels addressed to Mandela Bay, and know that Sea View is no-where near Kenton on Sea. If the parcel needs to go a little further afield from P.E that’s OK because they know their way around from Addo to Port Alfred, from Knysna to Grahamstown and they can also tell you about the best fishing spots!

Need the parcel to get somewhere a little tricky like a house boat on the bay or Game Lodge in Addo? No problem, we can handle it for you!

That’s just one example of how we will bend over backwards for our clients – we take your trust in us seriously – we’re here to help – you and your package are our number one priority.

But what does that really mean?
If you need more proof, or have the need for something a little more special than your normal courier – why not hop over to our Services page to see the kind of stuff we love to do for our clients.
We’ve tried to create a wide variety of extra services that suit all our client’s budgets and needs.

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